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Cerakote, Laser Engraving, and Gunsmithing in South East, Texas

Your imagination is the limit when it comes to what we can provide with our Cerakote, laser engraving, and gunsmithing services. Learn more about these services below!


Cerakote is a specialized coating that works on plastics, metals, polymers, and wood. Our on-site specialist uses the industry’s top equipment to provide unsurpassed quality in our results. We have 60 colors on-hand to choose from, and there are over 200 other colors we can custom order for you. Think of the possibilities for making your gun totally unique to you — there won’t be another like it!

And don’t let your imagination stop at just guns. We can provide Cerakote services to anything from key fobs and bike frames to archery, vehicle parts, and more. The sky truly is the limit!


Laser Engraving

Our expert laser engraving services can help you put that specialized touch on your gun to make it your very own. Besides doing our laser engraving on metal or polymer gun frames, we can also engrave on car parts to enhance the look of your ride. 

We perform the following laser engraving techniques:


Please note that pricing is based upon the scope and intricacy of the design. Call us for more information on how much your laser engraving idea might cost. 



Guard & Defend is your destination for all your gunsmithing needs. We repair and restore all types of guns — old and new, small or large. We can polish and upgrade your gun’s internals, perform barrel threading work, do optic cuts, add boresight and live-ammo sighting, add optic mounting, and more. 


We can even do custom AR builds based on your part choices. We also do custom Glock builds, including porting, stippling, TIN coating, etc. 

Call us to let us know about your gunsmithing needs, and let’s get you the gun of your dreams!


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